KANDAJOGAKUEN girl's junior high school / senior high school


A warm greeting from the principal of Kanda Jogakuen Junior and Senior High School.
Our mission is to produce "students who learn autonomously and have the ability to take action." These days, women have access to an unlimited number of fields. Our girls are preparing to become an active part of this ever-more global society and so all students experience some combination of overseas travel or study abroad. It is the responsibility of our school to nurture students with strength in various fields as they develop their powers of self-determination.
Our school is located in a comfortable corner of central Tokyo, amidst an area known for its bookstores and quality higher education. Our size allows for student connections to flourish and we can be more responsive to change. We have recently revitalized our curriculum to help our mission and the school newly launched an innovative self-access language learning center. This space is designed to support individual student ambition in developing their language abilities in 5 different languages.
Our junior high school classes are considered part of a "Global Course", which offers a balance of usable linguistic ability, communicative ability, self-determination, problem solving ability and the ability to act. Our high school now provides 3 courses to match students’ career and educational pathways. There is the "Global Course" for serious English and foreign language studies, the "Advanced Course" for those seeking to enter elite universities, and the "Future Course"for students who are working toward achieving their life goals.
Drawing upon our school's traditions over our 128 year history, and an innovative spirit, we resolve to educate and empower women who will have the strength to be successful anywhere in the wide world.

As principal of Kanda Jogakuen, I wish you a warm welcome. It is our mission to support the development of self-directed and goal-oriented students who can lead themselves and others in a widening number of career choices. To this aim, we have launched a center to support self-access to learning. It is an exciting opportunity to learn 5 world languages.

We aim to prepare young women to take an active part of this ever-more global society. Thus, we offer a wide range of abroad study experiences. In addition, we have rethought our curriculum to support a Global mindset.
We are a smaller school with a history of over a hundred years. We are located next to many famous schools of higher learning and with so many bookstores, the area lives and breathes learning and personal growth. Both the flourish of friendships and the response to change can happen easily here.

Become part of one of our three different academic streams, Global, Advanced, or Future and you can become empowered to be successful in your dreams anywhere in the world.

Principal, Ms. Junko Takahashi.